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Mauricio A. Munoz
Mauricio A. Munoz
After several weeks of horrendous immobilising back pain I found Jarvia through a recommendation, and she literally... changed my life. Rarely have I encountered such a passionate dedicated professional, that has such an enthusiasm to get you better that you feel excited from day one, her knowledge and deep understanding of the spine will blow your mind. My condition improved consistently and rapidly after just a few sessions and without the need of taking the thousand pain killers prescribed by my GP.Jarvia not only educated me but empowered me to know how to deal with my situation, improve my posture and body alignment and more importantly how to prevent future back issues. Her empathy and positivism is contagious her holistic approach is outstanding, I cannot recommend her enough. Visiting her was truly transformative.read more
Benjamin Mudge
Benjamin Mudge
After about a dozen sessions with Jarvia, I can confidently say that she is the best osteopath I have ever received... healing from. Jarvia is a very intelligent woman who is thoroughly qualified in Osteopathy and also takes care to research other healing modalities such as acunpuncture, bioenergetics, nutrition and sound healing. She came from a background in Radiography and this further informs her deep knowledge of anatomy. All of this adds up to a very solid diagnostic and treatment protocol, which she adapts to individual client's needs.Upon arriving at her friendly clinic space, Jarvia immediately sets a tone of relaxation and compassionate care, which help me to be open to receiving osteopathic treatment, which sometimes involves vulnerability and stress, so feeling at ease helps the treatment go deeper. Jarvia can fix simple posture problems quickly, or can work over a series of sessions to heal a chronic condition by giving advice on posture and excercises to be done by the client as "homework". She has a knack for gently bringing my awareness to the bad habits I have developed with my posture etc, and encourages me to be more positive and work towards my own health.I have no hesitation to recommend anyone to Jarvia for Osteopathy, and to consider a series of treatments as an investment in their health optimization, because I know that she gets results!read more
Rob Darrow
Rob Darrow
I found Jarvia via a Google with immobilising sciatica back pain.Jarvia is one of the most knowledgeable people I... know. not only did she easily resolve my back she wanted to get to the route cause so I wouldn't have to see her every week in crisis. very patiently she took me through simple steps to improve my posture and body alignment to avoid long term problemsmsince then I have done acupuncture with her and gong baths to improve my mental wellbeing.Jarvia is a premium practitioner but of you want actually to be fixed then shes worth every penny otherwise (in my opinion) keep going to a chiropractor every 2 weeks for the rest of your liferead more
Fiona Buckland
Fiona Buckland
I visited Jarvia because I was experiencing chronic neck pain. At age 50, I felt it would be best to deal properly with... the issue rather than face deterioration and long-term use of painkillers. To say that Jarvia has helped me deal with it properly is an understatement. Jarvia has deep knowledge of her area, and as well as helping me with pain through acupuncture and adjustments, she has revolutionised my way of standing, sitting and walking so that I have become aware of where my posture is causing problems. Within a couple of sessions, my pain was gone. Within three, I had set up my desk entirely differently than I would have learned from researching the internet. Within four, I was much more aware of my posture and how to adjust it. Jarvia herself creates a great atmosphere of warmth, knowledge and support. She is 100% behind me and that has helped so much. I recommend her without reservation. And her dog is wonderful too!read more
Rachel Moore
Rachel Moore
Jarvia saved my life during my stay in London! I struggle with chronic pain and was in a bad state after lots of... travel. She took a multifaceted approach to trying to get me feeling better. First she went over posture and breathing basics, things to practice through my day while working and at the end of the day before sleep. Then she did some manual therapy and acupuncture on my neck. Finally, some very precise and gentle adjustments that had a huge impact on how I was feeling right away. I went in for pain specific to my neck and back but I got the additional unexpected benefit of completely resolving some longstanding digestive issues I had. I believe it was from adjusting the T12, which nobody has ever been able to get to before.If you want someone who absolutely radiates passion for what they do, thinks systematically about how to solve your unique problems, and really cares about people then Jarvia is your girl. Wish I could get just one more session in before I get back on the plane home to fight back against the effects of travel! She's amazing.read more
Ella Matthews
Ella Matthews
I first came to Jarvia after seeing 5 other (very good) osteopaths with minimal success.I had been suffering terribly... for nearly 2 months with sacroiliac joint dysfunction and suspected disc protrusion in my lower spine, causing sciatica in alternate legs, pins and needles right down to my foot, and lower back, buttock and back of knee pain, weakness and instability. I couldn’t go from sitting to standing without sharp stabbing pain, couldn’t sit up straight, couldn’t even put my sock on without nearly crying. To say it was debilitating would be an understatement.I found Jarvia through the Wellington Centre in Hastings. I immediately liked her warm, no nonsense approach. Within minutes I felt reassured that I could be helped, and within the first hour I had a much better understanding of what had gone wrong, and a plan of action. The day after my first session with her my pain had decreased significantly and my pins and needles had gone, never to return.I’ve had just 2 sessions since, and with a combination of acupuncture, postural retraining, some gentle adjustments, and a detailed exercise plan including stretching to do at home, I’m delighted to say that I am nearly 100% free of pain, and have returned to a full range of motion. I also know now what to do to continue to stay well, and how to prevent these seemingly intractable problems from returning.Jarvia’s knowledge of the body is exceptional and her integrative approach is second to none. I’d highly recommend her to anyone suffering with physical pain, and also to those who just want a tune up or want to keep themselves in optimal health.I can’t thank her enough. She’s given me my life back.read more
Kate Rubens
Kate Rubens
I cannot recommend Jarvia enough. Through her extensive knowledge and experience, I have always felt fully supported... and listened to in each of our sessions. With her professional and expert diagnostic skills we are able to get to the root of the pain and discomfort in my body and then work on a plan to resolve the pain patterns. From the first session I can felt immediate relief which enabled me to get back to work. I also appreciate Jarvia’s ability to explain and describe with clarity the dysfunction my body is experiencing and how I am best able to support myself in the healing process. Highly recommend!read more
Peter Bailey
Peter Bailey
Jarvia has been just amazing at helping me rehabilitate from back injury. I have been unable to move or stand from back... injury and have been walking again in a matter of days after her treatment. Jarvia is completely different from any osteopath I’ve seen in the past due to her caring nature and holistic approach to treatment. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough.read more
Ross Adams
Ross Adams
I have had issues with my back for more than 20 years, and on this journey have seen GPs, been given quantities of... pills, and been scrunched, cracked, squished and stretched..... but this always felt like a temporary solution, and I had got to the stage where I felt this would be a consistent issue throughout my life. Within 4 sessions with Jarvia my view has changed; I have made significant practical adjustments to my life, am much more aware of how to care for myself, and am planning and acting practically to prevent reoccurrence. Jarvia is not only a skilled practitioner, but a motivating and passionate teacher. This is one of the best self-care decisions I have ever made in my life.read more
Declan Sheils
Declan Sheils
Completely fixed lower back pain with a combination of treatments. Also expert on posture and wellbeing. Highly... recommend!read more
Catherine Grant
Catherine Grant
Jarvia is a compassionate practitioner. Her depth of understanding of the human body and of human experience makes her... an exceptional osteopath/gong bather and overall guru.read more
Stav Bee
Stav Bee
What makes Jarvia Foxter stand out as a practitioner, apart from her extensive expertise and deep knowledge on her... practice, is that she goes further with her appointments and her patients: She won't only focus on the specific problem, but she will investigate the whole situation, applied to each person, offering a broad, informative, useful and important data, so that she can get to the bottom of the problem/ pain, not only to offer relief and release (she firmly believes, that pain is not normal and must be eradicated), but also share an all round education of how to deal with our bodies/ lives/ habits and unlearn what does not serve us in order to have a more productive, healthier and focused life. I'll use myself as an example: I went to see Jarvia in her peaceful loft, with a tremendous pain at the bottom of my back, which made me miserable, irritable, suffering a lot, causing me trouble at work and in my sleep.After an initial chat on the phone and a written questionnaire, we arranged an appointment. It has changed my life and that is no exaggeration. Her words, as well and her hands are magic and apart from the actual treatment, which involved intense physical movements and appropriate body positionings, she talked to me about posture and how our minds talk to our bodies about a safe standing, which we safely adopt; ergonomics and home assessment; digital detox, of how crucial we must take our digital devices usage very seriously on the expense of our health. Is my back better? I have not had a pain since. Did the appointment work? On all counts, as I got educated for things I take for granted. Will I be going back? Definitely, as I never stop learning and my health is more important than anything I own. To wrap up my review, which is based on honest feedback, relating to my own personal experience, I would like to add Jarvia's Mental Health Campaign, as well as her Gong Siesta Events, for education and awareness for sleep, rest and focus. Not to mention her extensive travels for her own personal learnings and sharings. As above, taking it further does not stop here. Highly recommended, Jarvia Foxter is a unique practitioner with a thorough method of healing. Inside and out. It is wellness and it is integrative.read more
Catherine Martin
Catherine Martin
Not having much experience with osteopaths I wasn't sure what to expect, Jarvia is the bomb. Super intuitive and with a... wealth of information backing her up. Highly recommended.read more
Gilly Arbuckle
Gilly Arbuckle
As a fellow Osteopath Jarvia is a trusted and invaluable colleague for the last 14 years. I consult with Jarvia for... challenging cases. She is my preferred choice when seeking Osteopathic treatment for myself.read more
Jayson Mansaray
Jayson Mansaray
Jarvia has treated me for the last seven years helping with my posture and managing jet lag caused by a profession that... often invlolves a lot flying. Her preventive advice, like ergonomic training for working in a desktop situation and ergonomic set up for working on a laptop, has been invaluable. Jayson Mansaray - Broadcast Journalistread more
Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer
Having had back problems over many years, meeting Jarvia has changed both the way I think about my body, as well as... relieving the pain to the point where I am functioning and moving normally. I am incredibly grateful for her skills and ongoing support. I cannot recommend and thank Jarvia enough!read more
Sam May
Sam May
Have seen Jarvia many times over many years for different injuries after everything else has failed. She always sorts... the problem and I really appreciate her thorough approach and her passion for all that she does.read more
Nico Colafemmina
Nico Colafemmina
I'm Nico and I’m a London based veterinary surgeon.My work can be physically very demanding and over the years I’ve... suffered quite a few painful injuries. When the pain did not resolve or even at time’s got worse, I would visit my GP, who would advise anti-inflammatories or at best, refer me to radiology to find out what the problem was, weeks later.Neither of these approaches helped resolve my pain or immobility, which meant I had to struggle on at work and live with very uncomfortable, persistent pain.Out of pure frustration I researched better options for a more efficient way to deal with these issues, which was when I came accross Jarvia. She is an extraordinary and skilled practicioner, who clearly has years of experience and knowledge.My first visit with her was for a hip problem, which was affecting me for weeks, despite treating it with anti-inflammatories.My work became almost impossible.Jarvia’s diagnostic skills, as well as her combination of treatments sorted my pain straight away. No need for scans or pills. Very impressive. I had a similar issue about a year later with my lower back, which suddenly locked on me after trying to lift a heavy patient on my consultation table. I couldn’t walk properly, lie down or stay sitted for longer than 2-3minutes. So I contacted Jarvia late one evening and she agreed to do a home visit that night! Without any medication, using her examination and her treatment, I was standing upright and straight again, able to walk normally, sit and move without the pain!! Again, I was back in shape and importantly back at work the next day. Whenever I feel pain now, I don’t wait, I call Jarvia immediately. She’s always effective at resolving my issues. She is very experienced in diagnostics and treatment/surgical options and outcomes. She really understands pain, inflammation chemistry, posture, biomechanics and how it all works together. Jarvia really makes a difference to how I feel and move after her treatments. I really cannot recommend her service and care highly enough.Dr Nico Chanread more
Andre Baptista
Andre Baptista
I have been seeing Jarvia for a range of treatments over the past 6 years. I firstly went in for extreme back pain I... was having due to the nature of my job at the time. I was immediately impressed with how thorough Jarvias intake session was as to identify where I was unconscious about my movements and body and how that was causing me trouble. As opposed to targeting the symptoms we went right to the cause, not only physical but also the emotional effects of what I was going through and how that was taking a toll on my body. Not only did I get treated but was given an array of tools and techniques to do at home and apply to my day-to-day which have transformed the way I move and gotten rid of my back pain and helped me prevent further injury or strain. I have also had acupuncture and corrective posture procedures which were dealt with in the same way. Jarvia has restored strength and integrity in my form, done in a kind, gentle, effective and loving way.read more
Michael McGrath
Michael McGrath
Went to see Jarvia with shoulder thats pained me for about 10 years and after treatment and following her exercises... the pain has gone wished I'd seen her years before always a great relaxing session couldn't recommend anyone betterread more
Bella Yagi
Bella Yagi
Jarvia really helped me out when I had problems with my shoulder. It was my first experience going to an osteopath. I... had been experiencing pain for a few months. I had a couple of sessions with her, she incorporated acupuncture as well. Jarvia is incredibly professional, knowledgeable and has a great bedside manner. I would definitely recommend her, she’s amazing. Thank you Jarvia for taking such good care of me.read more
Alexandre Chapalain
Alexandre Chapalain
I have had back problems for 10 years. Been sent from GPs to physiotherapist to surgeons. Verdicts were from :“Have... you had a warm bath”“Have you taken Anadin”To:“ you need surgery “First time i met jarvia, i litteraly had to be carried from my car to her practice by 2 people. I couldn’t walk, couldn’t work and was in an excruciating pain.Jarvia took the time to discuss to find the root of the problem. After a few manipulation and evercises, i could start to feel the benefit the day after.My back problems are no longer a problem.Jarvia gave me on top of that a few stretching exercises to do at home that release your pain immediately.I can not thank her enough. She is incredible!Alexread more
Eleanor Barr
Eleanor Barr
Jarvia has literally saved my back. 3 weeks ago I was struck down with what I know now from Jarvia has a herniated... disc with S1 L5 compression. It was agony. I heard about her through a friend who has had treatment from Jarvia for a few years for her neck. I turned up after 4 days of being on the floor at home, was carried up the stairs by Jarvia and after a plethora of different treatments from acupuncture, osteopathy, gong, music connection and therapy to help me handle the pain, deep breath connection, postural alignment and awareness and more, tears and then encouragement from Jarvia I walked out of there, I have visited her twice to once a week for osteopathy to get me back to spine alignment and help decompress and then postural and core rehab with acupuncture and gong therapy to help me continue the work after I leave her lovely space in Clerkenwell. I cannot recommend Jarvia, her mind, care and treatment highly enough. Ellie xread more
Dewi Jones
Dewi Jones
I have seen Jarvia for a range of problems over the last few years. I first went to see her because of a kayaking... strain on my back and shoulder. She used a whole range of skills to improve my posture, with a focus of getting me back to my activity by analysing the problems. I particularly found the acupuncture effective. I returned earlier this year regarding my knees, she gave me a full body assessment and helped me understand and be more aware of my body and how it should function under different circumstances. She gave me a whole range of exercises to do at home and even assessed my posture on my bike. Jarvia is very knowledgable about the whole body and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any future patient!read more
Clare Moloney
Clare Moloney
I have no hesitation in recommending Jarvia and her Gong therapy. I have received treatment for back problems and... insomnia, and found Jarvia's approach incredibly holistic and thorough - not only in the treatment sessions themselves, but also the tips and tools she provides to try at home. Highly recommended!read more
Heike Merzweiler
Heike Merzweiler
Jarvia's Gong bath is an absolute must. It sends you in a deep state of relaxation I never experienced before.... Goosebumps!!! Jarvia done it again taking into account all aspects of wellbeing and health. I met her almost an decade ago as I was looking for treatment post therapeutic hip arthroscopy. I had OP done by a hip specialist on the NHS followed by physio a long painful period. A colleague highly recommended her as THE osteopath and I could not agree more. Jarvia's conscientious and knowledgeable approach makes her second to none. She studies you well and is hence able to tailor advise and treatment to your persona. I suppose that how treatment works best : I had osteopathic treatment, accupuncture and exercises. I learnt lots and tried to implement her very important points about posture, breathing and other little aspects one likes to neglect in busy life. I am very happy to say I am pain free. My surgeon is impressed as well as he expected me to need a hip replacement years ago! I know I don't have a new hip but with her integrative approach I trust there might be many years to come without Op.Whenever my family or myself have a health problem we consult Jarvia as I am certain she points us in the right direction with her thorough to Health&Wellness. Many thanks. Highly recommendedread more
Abby DelSol
Abby DelSol
I had a treatment with Jarvia a few years ago when I was in intense pain. Jarvia left me like new, it was amazing...... she also gave me homework, which really help me correct my posture and become much more aware. My family and I now get treatment and advice from Jarvia whenever we need and it is always a great experience. Every time I hear someone has a need she is who I suggest for treatment. Jarvia is the most conciecious Osteopath I have ever met... she is also an awsome Gong Player ���read more
Arveene Juthan
Arveene Juthan
Gong Siestas with the amazing Jarvia have brought rest and balance to a hectic life that rare gets a break from the... busyness of London. It's like a reset of the mind body and soul. Tranquil and complete. You need to try it out if you've never done one before.. Essential.. Xread more
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“I went to see Jarvia after being run over by a bike and began suffering from headaches about a week later.  They lasted for days at a time and were very debilitating. After three sessions they disappeared completely. A year or so later my lower back went into spasm after a six hour stint painting my house. I couldn’t move and had to call an ambulance as the pain was so severe. Two sessions with Jarvia and I was fully mobile again. She has a magic touch and a  wonderfully sympathetic manner.  She also explains what she is doing and why which is very reassuring. I would recommend her without hesitation.”

Account Director

“After spending a painful 4 days lying flat on my back and unable to move- we were a few hours away from calling an ambulance – when a friend recommended we contact Jarvia. Even though it was a sunny Bank Holiday and we were the other end of London, Jarvia made a home visit and spent over 2 hours treating me until I could finally stand and move again. If I’m honest, I never would have thought that would be possible as I was in so much pain, but it proves that with a committed and caring practitioner anything is possible. To say Jarvia went above and beyond the call of duty is an understatement…to top it all, the care at my following sessions at her practice was amazing. And I’ve been singing her praises ever since!”


“I cannot express how grateful I am to Jarvia for her ongoing care to myself and my family. I have seen Jarvia on and off over the years for various pain and injuries: she’s fixed my back, my elbow and my knee. Jarvia has always impressed me with her wide range of knowledge. I am most grateful to her however for spotting a malignant mole on my husbands’ back when he came to see her for his back pain. She urgently referred him to have it removed immediately. It had not spread but I am sure we would have had a different outcome without Jarvia’s intervention. Whenever I have a treatment with Jarvia I find she always gives me important information about any medical matter we discuss and I have learned a lot from her.”


“After falling quite heavily onto my coccyx during a snowboarding session in Japan, I was in agony for weeks. Sitting, sleeping were out of the question and even sneezing was such pain.

The pain was affecting my mood and affecting my life and relationships. After one session with Jarvia, I had regained enough movement to work properly again. My friends and family noticed a positive change in my temperament.

I’ve been pain-free since Jarvia treated me. I had no idea what to expect when visiting an osteopath, but Jarvia was very reassuring and professional, which was appreciated due to the intimate area she was treating. I would tell any person suffering a similar injury to seek her help as soon as possible and don’t put up with the pain. I can’t speak highly enough of Jarvia.”

NHS Doctor

“For years I have had annoying on and off lower back pain. Too much sitting & doing the wrong thing at the gym have been triggers. I have had variable benefit from seeing physios/osteopaths in the past. Jarvia was recommended by a good friend. Following two treatment sessions comprising osteopathy, acupuncture and advice on posture with exercises, my back has continued to improve and now feels brilliant. Very relaxing treatment sessions & overall great value for money. Thanks!”

IT Consultant

“I came to see Jarvia to address forearm pain associated with heavy computer use. She quickly diagnosed the issues and came up with a care plan to help address the problems, combining osteopathy and acupuncture, advice on seating and posture, and exercises for me to do at home. All along she was very clear about what was being done and why, and made me feel in control of the direction of the treatment. I was very impressed with her intelligent, thorough and caring approach. My forearm pain has now gone, and I’m learning to improve the way I work to avoid a recurrence. Highly recommended!”

Graphic Designer

“Having had an alarming and undiagnosed numbing in my arms that nobody seemed to be able to help with, I sought out the help of an Osteopath not knowing what else to do. The dedicated and professional care I received was incredible. From diagnosis to treatment and also the rehabilitation exercises, my recovery rate was very speedy. Honestly not sure what I would have done without the sheer luck of coming across the caring and extremely thorough talents of Jarvia. Delighted I met her.”


“I went to Jarvia with intense pain in my shoulders from sitting at a desk a lot. She relieved the symptoms incredibly quickly,  with acupuncture and osteopathy, and gave me a series of incredibly straightforward and concise instructions for addressing the cause. The whole process took far fewer sessions than I thought it would, because her approach is so direct and focussed. On top of that, she’s incredibly friendly and a massive laugh, so she totally put me at ease.”


“I have had issues with my back for more than 20 years, and on this journey have seen GPs, been given quantities of pills, and been scrunched, cracked, squished and stretched….. but this always felt like a temporary solution, and I had got to the stage where I felt this would be a consistent issue throughout my life.

Within 4 sessions with Jarvia my view has changed; I have made significant practical adjustments to my life, am much more aware of how to care for myself, and am planning and acting practically to prevent reoccurrence. Jarvia is not only a skilled practitioner, but a motivating and passionate teacher. This is one of the best self-care decisions I have ever made in my life.”


“Jarvia was recommended to me by a colleague after I was experiencing sharp back pain after one particular training session for a half marathon. She diagnosed the problem and used osteopathy, tension release and acupuncture treatment to heal the area – the pain was significantly reduced after one session and I was back to full physical health after four (I also had a minor strain in my calf which was treated through massage and acupuncture too), able to complete my race successfully. What is great about Jarvia is that she has not only excellent osteopathic skills but is knowledgeable on dealing with sports injuries. The programme of exercises that she suggested for my back and legs have been invaluable and I have continued to perform those exercises well beyond the treatment sessions. I have since recommended her to friends and would continue to do so in the future.”


“I injured my hand and forearm rowing, and was unable to carry out everyday activities from carrying things to brushing my teeth. My GP suggested I rest and take anti inflammatories but three weeks later and the injury was not healing so I made an appointment to see Jarvia. I was treated three times, after the first session alone my injury was 60- 70 % better and felt back to normal after three sessions taken over two weeks. It was absolutely fantastic. I’d definitely recommend Jarvia to anyone with an injury, she is very thorough, puts you at ease and is clearly passionate about what she does. I plan on coming back for a general MOT and am now a total convert!”


“I went to see Jarvia because of really bad lower back and leg pain which I had for months. I was off sick from work because of this. Jarvia helped me so much, she relieved the leg and back pain after a few treatments over 3 weeks. I’ve had no problems with it since then. I found Jarvia very professional and felt I was in really good hands. She explains what’s wrong very clearly and this gave me great peace of mind. I didn’t even know what an osteopath was before meeting Jarvia. I will return to Jarvia any time I have pain or injuries in the future and have no hesitation in recommending her to friends and family.”


“I have been suffering from very severe lower back problems over 10 years.I was initially advised to go for an operation , an idea totally impractical and very risky! I have a very stressful and complicated lifestyle and an extremely demanding job which obviously causes my back problems to reccur regularly. I have had various osteopathic and acupuncture treatments in this country as well as in Europe. A colleague at work recommended Jarvia Foxter 4 years ago and since then, my life has changed! What is unique in the way Miss Foxter works is the combination of acupuncture with osteopathic treatment , as well as the extreme level of care she shows towards her patient.She is always listening and analysing the patient’s symptoms very carefully, a fundamental talent of all good medics! She has an amazing intensity , thoroughness and speed in the way she treats a patient and magically, I have never , ever not been cured by her within 12 hrs of her session. I would  normally  arrive at her surgery in agony / muscles in spasms, unable to walk and breath from pain/, and a few hrs after the treatment I am a normal person again!

What is also very special with Foxter’s approach is her guidance post treatment , ie all the rehabilitation exercises and life-advice she gives you, always clear and so caring! My husband and son are also fanatic Foxter followers : the first suffering from serious knee condition and the latter from deep shoulder pains due to his job. They both adore her approach and results, so do all the colleagues that I have recommended to Her over the 4 yrs I’ve known her.

Jarvia Foxter is an excellent osteopath and a rare personality. She is a really devoted to her profession and patients!”


“Jarvia was my first real osteopath experience. We had a very good interaction as she is down to earth and very tuned to life in general. She appears very well qualified and has a radiology background which enhances her osteopathic skills. I came to see her a few times, due to my special circumstances and apart from targeted and well informed treatment (osteopathy, acupuncture and advice), Jarvia offered to further discuss my case based on my MRIs with a few colleague radiologists. It is that extra level of care and interest for the patient that makes the difference between an osteopath and a super-osteopath. Thank you for all your help, Jarvia!”


“I have seen various different osteopaths and physiotherapists  to help me with my back and neck over the last few years. Jarvia was very good to quickly recognise the root of the problem. I can call her if I am in pain and know that it will be sorted. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”


“At the recommendation of my neighbour, I went to Jarvia with a constant lower back pain which affected every aspect of my life and also with a stiff neck and shoulder. After few sessions of gentle manipulation, acupuncture and practical advice, my pain reduced significantly and my posture improved too.  Having seen various people and tried a number of treatments I did not think that such result was possible, but Jarvia is the only practitioner to have really addressed the root cause of the problem. I have even been able to begin running again. During my treatment, I had also a strained wrist and pain in my forearm, problem which was solved by Jarvia in one session. Amazing! I can’t express enough how grateful I am for the gentle care I received and for regaining perfect movement and being pain free.  I can’t recommend Jarvia highly enough!”

Talk Show Host

“Over the years I have had acute painful neck, upper back and shoulder problems. Jarvia has treated all of these quickly and effectively, giving me instant pain relief and allowing me to get back to my normal activities straight away. I enthusiastically recommend Jarvia to all my friends, because of her wide knowledge from a diagnostic and treatment perspective. For any kind of joint or muscle pain I simply wouldn’t go anywhere else. Plus she has magic hands.”

Yoga Teacher

“I came across Jarvia when looking for a local therapist to treat an injury around my gluts/piriformis muscles that had been causing me persistent discomfort for over 6 months, and which was radiating pain into other areas of my buttock, hip and lower back. I had already seen a physiotherapist and a sports massage therapist about the problem at this point but didn’t feel as though they were really listening to what the problem was nor did they seem to be doing anything to help it. I found Jarvia online and she came highly recommended so I thought I’d give her a try.

Jarvia was very welcoming when I met her and did a full and very detailed assessment during our first appointment. I felt as though she was really addressing the problem in a very holistic way and was really interested in finding the best way to treat it. I had never had acupuncture before so didn’t really know what to expect, but I found that treatment really helped with relieving my pain and constant aching in the area of the injury. I believe it also helped the injury to begin to heal. I would, and indeed already have, recommended Jarvia to both friends and students of mine. I think that Jarvia’s combined use of osteopathy and acupuncture is a very effective way of treating people and helping them to heal. She is professional, friendly, helps you to feel very relaxed and comfortable, is very keen to help you and definitely listens to what you have to say.”


“I originally went to see Jarvia after a bicycle accident which had affected muscles in my foot. Besides helping with the pain related to the injury, she pinpointed other weaknesses in my body left by previous injuries. I have seen numerous osteopaths over the years and tried other forms of traditional medicine. I found that Jarvia’s holistic approach worked to give me both immediate relief and put me on the right track to help myself work on my body’s fitness. I have already recommended Jarvia when friends and colleagues have asked for a good osteopath and will continue to do so. She’s a lifesaver.”


“I had been seeing doctors for nearly 10 years about ongoing problems with my back, I was never told exactly what the problems were and what was causing it, nor had any relief from this constant pain, so I just came to the conclusion that it’ll be something I would have to live with for the rest of my life. My first appointment with Jarvia was quite literally life changing. After a thorough checkup she told me what the problem was and what exactly was causing the pain. Within an hour I got the answers to questions I’d been asking medical professionals of all sorts for longer than I care to remember.  After 4 treatments I was finally pain-free and I had no more back issues; I had a better understanding of my posture and how to take care of my back in the future.”


“Jarvia treated me for hip pain and stiffness over a period of a few weeks. She thoroughly assessed my physical condition and gave me advice on posture and exercise. She used a combination of osteopathic treatment and acupuncture and also referred me for an MRI scan. Jarvia’s wide knowledge, experience and holistic approach made me feel I was getting the best possible treatment.”


“I have had various related issues with my lower back and ribs, many due to sports injuries over the years and occasionally I over do it in the gym and cause myself a minor injury, Jarvia always manages to alleviate the issue quickly and effectively.”

Circus Creative Director

“I was referred to Jarvia for a shoulder pain I had developed over years. It had become seriously problematic for my work, sports training and daily routine. I was also concerned because I was about to travel on an intense production managing job for a circus company’s world tour. Jarvia not only assessed my pain but also took a holistic approach that took into consideration my posture, my work-out routine and even the fact that I had used a messenger bag for the last 10 years to haul around things. She treated my immedaite pain with a combination of osteopathy and acupuncture with the relief being instant and truly overwhelming. She took the time to analyse my posture in relation to my exercise regime and gave me suggestion that would better balance my body long-term. Then she completed the process with teaching me invaluable exercises and stretches that I took with me on tour and continue to incorporate into my training today. Taking into consideration quality of life and what we spend daily on random things, this is really a game changer for anyone dedicated to health and wellbeing.”


“I injured my leg and pinched a nerve while hiking which left me with pain and a slight loss of skin sensation on my thigh. After a couple of weeks of anti-inflammatories and self massage I wasn’t any better, I feared I’d done permanent nerve damage. My partner recommended Jarvia who had helped her with a back problem. I was intrigued by Jarvia’s experience in both conventional medicine and holistic therapies. Jarvia gave me a combination of acupuncture, massage and osteopathy. I noticed an improvement after the first session and after the third session my leg was fine. Jarvia also looked very carefully at my posture and movement, suggesting exercises to improve long term problems caused by years of sitting at a desk.”

Editorial Consultant

“I’d hurt my lower back and had some trouble walking – and was about to leave on a trip knowing airline seats, hotel beds and carrying luggage would probably make it worse. Two friends recommended Jarvia so I booked in at her Broadway Market treatment room. She assessed my physical condition and posture, and asked lots of questions about my lifestyle (working environment, exercise regime, etc), and then set to work on a session of osteopathy and acupuncture. Lower back pain is a recurring problem of mine so I was really surprised to find it greatly improved as soon as the session had ended – and the pain faded away throughout the next few days. It meant I could immediately stop taking painkillers and get on with my holiday. I was also given a series of exercises to do that – when I remember to do them – really help. An amazing service, the best bit was that I felt loads better immediately. I’d recommend Jarvia to anyone – she’s super-professional, passionate, with a really easy-going manner – and gets great results.”

Director and Producer

“Since seeing Jarvia I have an entirely different view of my back and posture and way of thinking. She does not only treat the injury but also the bad posture that has developed keeping you in a circle of pain. She has an holistic approach to treatment and for the first time in years I feel like there is some progression from my injures and pain toward recovery. She is fantastic, I would highly recommend her to everyone!”


“I cannot recommend Jarvia enough. Through her extensive knowledge and experience, I have always felt fully supported and listened to in each of our sessions. With her professional and expert diagnostic skills we are able to get to the root of the pain and discomfort in my body and then work on a plan to resolve the pain patterns. From the first session I can felt immediate relief which enabled me to get back to work. I also appreciate Jarvia’s ability to explain and describe with clarity the dysfunction my body is experiencing and how I am best able to support myself in the healing process. Highly recommend!”


“Jarvia has been just amazing at helping me rehabilitate from back injury. I have been unable to move or stand from back injury and have been walking again in a matter of days after her treatment. Jarvia is completely different from any osteopath I’ve seen in the past due to her caring nature and holistic approach to treatment. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”