Welcome to my Employee Wellness Services.

“Back pain is now the number one cause of physical disability worldwide.”
The World Health Organisation, 2018

“It is time to rethink, re-educate and successfully recover from the escalating global epidemic of back pain.”
Jarvia Foxter, 2018


I treat two of the biggest causes of sickness from work in the UK today, namely musculoskeletal pain and the effects of stress on health. The Employee Wellness services provide organisations and their employees with a comprehensive one-stop range of safe and effective treatments, within an evidence based framework of natural healthcare, which supports the physical and mental health needs facing employees in 2019.

The clinic’s convenient Clerkenwell location, opening hours, on-line booking and self-referral system offer businesses the opportunity to provide local, high quality osteopathy and wellness care to their employees. This has the added benefit of significantly reducing employee absence time from the office for treatments and recovery. I also provide an ongoing and regular in-house wellness service for businesses and organisations.

The Employee Wellness Services are available as a complete set of services or as a bespoke package, tailored to meet the specific needs and size of your business and number of employees. Enjoy quick and easy access to an effective range of specialist treatments, with continuity of care, within a wide scope of evidence based practice. My therapeutic process at Integrative Wellness is set within a carefully tailored ecosystem of evidence based, natural healthcare. I combine treatments with rehabilitation and education. I focus on improving 5 core pillars in health:

spinal health & back care | posture | ergonomics | sleep | stress


Introduce a powerful new nap culture to your staff with a regular slot at one of our popular restorative Gong Siestas. Book your Employees in for a weekly session. Each Gong Siesta has space for 10 employees in our beautiful loft sanctuary. Gong Siestas are also available as a regular in-house service.


    • 1:1 Consultation
    • Triage
    • Physical Assessment
    • Health Screening
    • Diagnosis
    • Specialist Treatments
    • Referrals for MRI & Imaging
    • Rehabilitation
    • Follow-Up Care
    • Fit To Work Assessments
    • Back and Neck Pain Prevention Workshops


    • Consultation and Planning
    • Spinal Health: Treatments/ Rehab / Workshops
    • Ergonomics: Assessment / Education / Design
    • Posture: Spinal Therapy / Rehab / Education
    • Sleep Health: Therapy / Events / Strategies
    • Stress Health: Therapy / Education / Strategies
    • Gong Siestas

    Health Talks

    Back Care & Spinal Health

    Back and Neck Pain Prevention

    Stress and Sleep In Health

    These workshops are designed to help employees re-think, re-educate and help employees recover from back pain and the effects of stress and sleep deficiency.

    Workshops can be tailor-made to suit your specific needs. Course content covers current evidence and research.

    Delivered by experienced Registered Osteopath, Posturologist and Ergonomist Jarvia Foxter, ensuring expert guidance and instruction.

    The Orangebox ‘Sickness & Absence Report’ 2018

    A Sickness and Absence Report by Orangebox revealed the greatest concerns for UK employees today. This report was compiled from workshops with specifiers, occupational health experts, designers and educators, and they cited the following points as their main concerns:

    • Access To Specialist Care due to an overstretched NHS
    • Musculoskeletal Disorders
    • Back problems
    • New forms of RSI injuries
    • High stress levels
    • Increased sleep deprivation
    • Visual and hearing impairment
    • Work overload

    What Are The Benefits Of Introducing An Employee Wellness Programme?

    I help organisations design specialist care, programmes and events to tackle a wide range of issues affecting employee’s physical and mental health needs in 2019. The Employee Wellness services are designed to support organisations build a healthier, more engaged workforce by focussing on my fundamental pillars in physical and mental wellbeing. My Wellness Services provide a dynamic, evidence based solution to:                                                         

    back care | spinal health | ergonomics | musculoskeletal health | injuries & recovery | sleep deficiency | stress

    Postural Ergonomic addresses, prevents and minimises the incidence of strain, pain and injuries from poor work practice. This includes work-station, working postures, tasks and risk  assessment & design. Advice and modification for adapting working conditions and tasks will help employees who already suffer with pain and health problems to remain at work. The Wellness Services offer businesses and industries a one-stop solution to evidence based, natural healthcare. We understand that no two people, two jobs or tasks are the same and one size does not fit all. Life is too precious to suffer unnecessarily with pain and stiffness. Call today to find out how I can help you to invest in taking better care of your employees wellness needs, so that they can help take better care of your business and organisation.

    A healthy job is likely to be one where the pressures on employees are appropriate in relation to their abilities and resources, to the amount of control they have over their work, and to the support they receive from people who matter to them. As health is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity but a positive state of complete physical, mental and social well-being (WHO, 1986), a healthy working environment is one in which there is not only an absence of harmful conditions but an abundance of health promoting ones.

    These may include continuous assessment of risks to health, access to healthcare and specialist help, the provision of appropriate information & training on health issues and the availability of health promoting organisational support practices and structures. A healthy work environment is one in which staff have made wellness and health promotion a priority and part of their daily working lives.

    Good management and good work organisation are the best forms of stress prevention. Work stress is recognised world-wide as a major challenge to workers’ health and the healthiness of their organisations. Stress can be brought about by pressures at home and at work. Employers cannot usually protect workers from stress arising outside of work, but they can protect them from stress that arises through work.



    Job Content

    • Monotonous, under-stimulating, meaningless tasks
    • Lack of variety
    • Unpleasant tasks
    • Aversive tasks
    • Workload and Work pace
    • Having too much or too little to do
    • Working under time pressures
    • Working Hours
    • Strict and inflexible working schedules
    • Long and unsocial hours
    • Unpredictable working hours
    • Badly designed shift systems
    • Participation and Control
    • Lack of participation in decision making
    • Lack of control (for example, over work methods, work pace, working hours and the work environment)


    The effects of work stress on organisations

    If key staff or a large number of workers are affected, work stress may challenge the healthiness and performance of their organisation.

    Unhealthy organisations do not get the best from their workers and this may affect not only their performance in the increasingly competitive market but eventually even their survival.

    Work stress is thought to affect organisations by:

    • increasing absenteeism
    • decreasing commitment to work
    • increasing staff turn-over
    • impairing performance and productivity
    • increasing unsafe working practices and accident rates
    • increasing complaints from clients and customers
    • adversely affecting staff recruitment
    • increasing liability to legal claims and actions by stressed workers
    • damaging the organization’s image both among its workers and externally

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