Integrative Wellness is a health practice in the heart of London, founded by Osteopath Jarvia Foxter.

Whether you are experiencing pain or simply want to optimise your health, performance or sense of wellbeing, Jarvia provides the expertise to do so in a supportive and healing environment. She is ready to put her knowledge and skills to work for you, to help you take control of your condition and recovery.

We welcome new and returning patients of all ages and from all walks of life who share the common goal of wanting greater ease and freedom in their body and mind. Each treatment is tailored to your individual needs and goals and is focussed on reducing pain, relieving symptoms, improving your sense of wellbeing, movement and recovery time.

Discover what you can do to become pain-free and learn proven techniques that really work. Your personalised Care Plan is customised to equip you with a specific process towards recovery and new levels of wellbeing.

Feel Better. Move Better. Thrive.

Jarvia is committed to providing you with the highest standard of care, within a wide scope of evidence-based practice, with compassion and professional excellence. She is committed to the successful recovery and wellbeing of her patients and clients alike.

TimeOut London Rated 2012

Back Fixer Of The East

“Jarvia provides immediate relief for severe back pain”


I treat all levels of pain, injuries and conditions, from a mild ache to extreme and recurring pain. I see patients at every stage of their problem, from the first day of something new, to old and recurring issues.

Your treatment plan is tailored to your condition and needs, with a focus on relieving pain, improving symptoms and reducing your recovery time. I am here to support you from crisis to recovery I will help you understand more about your condition and what can be done to achieve immediate relief and a successful recovery. I endeavour to provide appointments within 24-28 hours.

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I will assess your pain, condition, personal & work life needs, as well as your recovery goals. I ​treat the whole body, all types of pain & health issues and a wide range of conditions, including:

Spinal Problems | Back Pain | Neck Pain | Disc Injuries | Sciatica | Posture | Muscle Pain | Joint Stiffness | Joint Problems | Arthritic Pain | Headaches | Rotator Cuff Injuries | Frozen Shoulder | Impingement Syndromes | Nerve Problems | Pins & Needles | Numbness | Carpal Tunnel | Plantar Fasciitis | Fibromyalgia/CFS | Tension | Stress | Insomnia | Sport Injuries | Work Related Injuries | RSI | Jaw/TMJ Problems | Surgery: Pre- / Post- Rehabilitation

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My Employee Wellness services treat and address the two biggest causes of sickness from work in the UK today, namely musculoskeletal pain and the effects of stress.

Employee Wellness services help organisations build a healthier, more engaged workforce and are available as a complete set of services, or as a bespoke package, tailored to meet the specific needs, size and culture of your business.

My approach is grounded within a wide scope of evidence-based practice to support employees physical and mental health needs .


Patient Testimonials

“I can’t speak highly enough of Jarvia. After falling heavily onto my coccyx I was in agony for weeks. I would tell any person suffering a similar injury to seek Jarvia’s help as soon as possible and don’t put up with the pain.”


“I can’t recommend Jarvia highly enough! At the recommendation of my neighbour, I went with a constant lower back pain. Amazing! I can’t express enough how grateful I am for regaining perfect movement and being pain free.”


“A colleague at work recommended Jarvia Foxter 4 years ago and since then my life has changed! Jarvia is an excellent osteopath and a rare personality and she is really devoted to her profession and patients!”


“I cannot express how grateful I am to Jarvia for her ongoing care to myself and my family. I have seen her on and off over the years for various pain and injuries: she has fixed my back, my elbow and my knee…”


“Jarvia was recommended to me by a colleague after I was experiencing sharp back pain. I have since recommended her to friends and would continue to do so in the future.”


“I can call Jarvia if I am in pain and I know that it will be sorted. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”


“I would and indeed already have recommended Jarvia to both friends and students of mine. She is professional, friendly, helps you to feel better and is keen to help you recover.​”

Yoga Teacher

“Jarvia was recommended by a good friend. For years I have had annoying back pain but following two treatments my back has improved and now feels brilliant. Great value for money. Thanks!”

NHS Doctor

“I’d recommend Jarvia to anyone. An amazing service and I felt loads better immediately… she’s super-professional and gets great results.”

Editorial Consultant

“Jarvia treated me for hip pain and stiffness over a period of a few weeks…Jarvia’s wide knowledge, experience and holistic approach made me feel I was getting the best possible treatment.”


“Highly recommended! I came to see Jarvia to address forearm pain associated with heavy computer use. I was very impressed with her intelligent, thorough and caring approach. My forearm pain has now gone.”

IT Consultant

“What a life saver and so much more than your average osteopath!”


“Jarvia gives an extra level of care to her patients, which is what makes the difference between an osteopath and a super-osteopath….Thank you for all your help, Jarvia!”


“To say Jarvia went above and beyond the call of duty is an understatement….If I’m honest, I never would have thought that would be possible, as I was in so much pain. Thee care at my following sessions was amazing and I’ve been singing her praises ever since!”

Account Director

“My partner recommended Jarvia who had helped her with a back problem. I noticed a major improvement after the first session, by the third session my leg was back to normal.”


“I have already recommended Jarvia when friends and colleagues have asked for a good osteopath and will continue to do so. She’s a lifesaver!”


“I was referred to Jarvia for a shoulder pain. She treated my immediate pain and the instant relief was truly overwhelming. Taking into consideration quality of life, this treatment is really a game changer for anyone dedicated to health and wellbeing.”

Circus Creative Director

“I’d definitely recommend Jarvia to anyone with an injury…It’s been absolutely fantastic. I plan on coming back for a general MOT and am now a TOTAL CONVERT!!”


“I have had various gym related issues with my back. Jarvia always manages to alleviate the issue quickly and effectively.”


“My first appointment with Jarvia was quite literally life changing. After 4 treatments I’m finally pain-free & have no more back issues. I have a better understanding of my posture and how to take care of my back in the future.”



My name is Jarvia Foxter and I’m a qualified registered: Osteopath, Diagnostic Radiographer, Medical Acupuncturist, Posturologist, and Postural Ergonomist. I also work as a Spine Coach and Wellness Consultant.

My approach is informed by more than 25 years of clinical experience, education and training. I work across different disciplines and systems of medicine, in both private practice and hospitals, working with people with pain, injuries and health problems from a variety of perspectives. I became an Osteopath from my desire to work within a natural system of medicine, within a mind-body, health promotion, disease prevention framework. I help patients achieve a successful recovery for a wide range of problems. Osteopaths are highly trained to identify, diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions and are renowned for our success with spinal problems and back pain. 

My therapeutic process is set within a carefully tailored ecosystem of evidence-based, natural healthcare. I combine treatments with rehabilitation and education. I focus on improving 5 core pillars in health and recovery:

spinal health & back care | posture | ergonomics | sleep health | stress health


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Osteopathy is an effective system of natural medicine which provides patients with a non-invasive, non-surgical, and non drug-based solution for pain & injury recovery and optimal wellbeing. Since beginning my career in 1993, I have worked with hundreds of thousands of patients suffering every type of pain, injury and disease state. I work in diagnostic investigations, surgery, interventional procedures, A&E, ITU and private clinical practice. 


As an Osteopath I am privileged to provide lifetime care and enjoy ongoing relationships with my patients and clients. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to you for continuing to choose me for all your osteopathy and healthcare needs.


Osteopathy | Acupuncture | Neuroacoustics | Bioenergy

My treatments take a structural, functional, electrical and chemical approach which allows for a whole system ‘fine tuning’ of your nervous system and condition.

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I take a dynamic, functional and evidence-based approach to successfully treating back pain, spinal problems and weak posture. Back pain is now the leading cause of physical disability worldwide. The time has come to urgently rethink, re-educate and recover from the global burden of this escalating back pain epidemic.



Postural Ergonomics puts people first and furniture second, which helps improve results in overcoming the negative consequences too much sitting has on your physical, mental and long-term health.




Enjoy specialist pregnancy care at every stage of the process, from family planning to perinatal care, with an​ effective range of natural treatments like osteopathy & acupuncture. Improve energy levels and sleep deprivation with a restorative ​Gong Siesta.

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My therapies shine a light on the important role sleep and stress play in health, illness, pain and recovery. ​Enjoy effective, natural therapies which relieve stress and reduce tension in your body and mind. Reach the optimal healing state by naturally reaching a deep state of rest with live gongs.

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Are you getting enough sleep? Gong Siestas are a powerful way to schedule in quality down time for yourself with a deeply restorative rest, with the help of live Gongs. Improve healing, energy levels, mood, skin, memory, creativity and performance with this special type of natural rest.

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Jarvia is a registered member with:

The General Osteopathic Council
The Institute of Osteopathy
The British Medical Acupuncture Society
The American Posture Institute
The Academy of Physical Medicine
Health & Care Professionals Council
Society Of Radiographers
Rethink Mental Illness

Jarvia is a recognised specialist with most major insurance companies.


194 Goswell Rd
London EC1V 7DT


Pre-bookings, emergency appointments and home visits available